Peruvian Cinema of the Twenty-First Century. Dynamic and Unstable Grounds. 
edited by Cynthia Vich and Sarah Barrow
This is the first English-language book to provide a critical panorama of the last twenty years of Peruvian cinema. Through analysis of the nation’s diverse modes of filmmaking, it offers an insight into how global debates around cinema are played out on and off screen in a distinctive national context.
The insertion of post-conflict Peru within neoliberalism resulted in widespread commodification of all areas of life, significantly impacting cinema culture. Consequently, the principal structural concept of this collection is the interplay between film production and market forces, an interaction which makes dynamism and instability the defining features of 21st-century Peruvian cinema.
Martha-Cecilia Dietrich’s chapter "Creativity and Perseverance in a Precarious Context: Filmmaking in Ayacucho between Artistic Vision and Lived Reality” reflects on the making of her film 'Horror In The Andes' and is available as free download: