Horror in the Andes is a film about three friends and their adventurous journey making a horror movie in the small town of Ayacucho in the Peruvian Andes. This documentary  film is based on research conducted by Martha-Cecilia Dietrich at the University of Bern, in which she explores how Peruvian filmmakers have resorted to horror fiction as a means to render and discuss contemporary social issues with local audiences. Martha's film looks at the genre of horror films as both artistic practice and social critique. It follows a horror film in the making and tells the deeply moving story of a friendship that is held together by a passion they share for filmmaking.
Director: Martha-Cecilia Dietrich
Producers: Andy Lawrence / Martha-Cecilia Dietrich
Camera: Jose Luis Fajardo
Sound: Martha-Cecilia Dietrich / Andy Lawrence
Editing: Martha-Cecilia Dietrich
Additional Editing: Andy Lawrence

Currently in production | Due 2018