Awarded a commendation for the Richard Werbner Prize for Visual Ethnography, at the 2019 RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film
Horror in the Andes is a film about three friends and their journey making a horror movie in the small town of Ayacucho in the Peruvian Andes. This documentary film is based on research conducted by Martha-Cecilia Dietrich at the University of Bern. It explores how Andean filmmakers have resorted to horror fiction as a means to revive a pre-colonial past and their desire to make cinema for local audiences. Martha's film looks at the genre of horror films as both artistic practice and social critique.
Director: Martha-Cecilia Dietrich
Producer: Andy Lawrence
Camera: Jose Luis Fajardo
Sound: Martha-Cecilia Dietrich / Jose Luis Fajardo
Editing: Martha-Cecilia Dietrich
Additional editing and finishing: Andy Lawrence

Currently touring film festivals and conferences worldwide
The Swiss School of Latin American Studies (SSLAS) – Workshop “Héroes y pueblos” / “Heroes and the people” University of Bern, Switzerland, 14-15 December 2018
RAI Film Festival – official selection (special interest) commendation for Richard Werbner Award, Bristol, UK 27-30 March 2019 (Premier)
Vision du Reel – Media Library Selection, Switzerland, 5-13 April 2019
South Film and Arts Academy Festival, Chile, June 2019
IUAES 2019 Inter-Congress "World Solidarities" audiovisual programme at the Palace Cinema in Poznan, Poland, 27-31 August 2019
Oaxaca Film Festival, Mexico, 4-10 October 2019
Ethnografische Filmtage Bremen, Kino City 46, Germany, 14 November 2019
SVA Film and Media Festival, in Vancouver, BC, Canada, 20-24 November 2019