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The story of a boy unable to give voice to his dreams, a postman who glimpses another world and an old man on the verge of death who fears his life has been wasted.

“Our work is an attempt to distil our wonderings and visions: the hints and whispers that something more was happening just below the surface. The poems and film-poems Plasticman, It’s Only Water, Alien Love, Possession, Alien Rave! and most recently The Message are all experiments in tragic-comedy, magic-realism and, most of all,
our collective stupidity.”
from The Guardian, 2005 Interview with Mark Gwynne Jones
12mins: Drama: UK

Director: Andy Lawrence
Writers: Mark Gwynne Jones / Andy Lawrence
Featuring: Mark Gwynne Jones
Producer: Andy Lawrence
Camera: Andy Lawrence
Art Direction: Helen Knowles
Sound: Paul Knowles
Editing: Lisa Ryan-Carter
Music: John Stephen