What people say about F4F education....
"F4F has been one of the best educational investments I have made…..My journey began with a hands-on Filmmaking for Fieldwork course and for my first feature-length documentary, about stories of migrant women, I took F4F Project Support modules. The whole experience has been extremely insightful. At every step I was encouraged with concise, timely and helpful advice about approach, cutting, sound, colour, subtitles and more. I really enjoyed making this film and credit here goes to the project support I received from F4F."
Megha Wadhwa Ph.D, Research Associate at the Institute of East Asian Studies/Japanese Studies, Free University Berlin (F4F Project Support 2021-24)
"F4F Project Support guided me through the various steps of making a film, and in all the phases it offered unique insights into this process. Through extensive and enthusiastic feedback on my work as well as practical and theoretical advice, it provided me with the tools that I needed to learn filmmaking from scratch. The F4F team gave me confidence and courage, which helped me to create an authentic and honest product and to strive for improvement. F4F is an inspiration for all new filmmakers, academics and curious minds who wish to explore how film and research can be combined in a practical and fun way!" Nina Wendel (Project Support 2021)
"It's been brilliant to have Andy & Angelica as tutors, sharing their profound knowledge, experiences and insights into their art. The Slack channel is also proving to be useful and fun. I definitely feel inspired to make films with the limited equipment that I currently have."  Aisling Marks (Online Essentials 2020)
"I'm really enjoying this course. I think online works just fine." Rachel Irwin (Online Essentials 2020)
"This course made me excited about filmmaking again and you guys made me believe that I can do it. I can't wait to get a camera and start filming!" Mari Korpela (Online Essentials 2020)
“Thank you for opening my eyes to how filmmaking can be connected to fieldwork. The course has been so practical and hands on which I’ve really enjoyed”  Helen Packwood (2019)
“The teaching is phenomenal: staff are patient, clear, engaging and full of good advice”  Josep Almudever Chanza (Methods@Manchester bursary 2019)
“If you want to bring your research outside of academia, then it’s definitely the course for you!” Agata Kochaniewicz (2019)
 “Filmmaking For Fieldwork has been exactly what I need in order to gain the confidence to bring my visions to life. Before the course, I knew what I wanted to make, but I had no clue about how to approach making it. Following the course, I feel as though I have the foundations to make the film that I’ve been trying to make”  Georgia Thomas-Parr (Methods@Manchester bursary 2019)
“It’s a real challenge learning how to do research and communicate it through image and sound in a way that complements written analysis. This course has been a real ‘eye opener’ when it comes to  the creative production of knowledge and expanding the possibilities of ethnographic methods”  Rose Chabot (2019)
“I realised that you don’t need any fancy equipment to be a filmmaker, as long as you have a compelling story and are able to tell it through engaging images and sounds. And this course enables you to do that”  Marina Tota (2019)
"I think it’s genuinely been the best course I’ve ever done - and I am really excited to go out into the world with my camera and make some films!”  Hannah Mills (2019)
"It opened a new window in my mind."  Yusuf Avci (2018)
"The course pushed me to think differently about the relations between filmmaking and research and it built an energy and enthusiasm that will stick with me."  Elliott Oakley (Methods@Manchester bursary 2018)
"F4F is a really exciting course that throws you straight into the practical elements of filmmaking, allowing you to pick up skills quickly and apply them to the field."  Mitchell Wilson (Methods@Manchester bursary 2018)
"Taking this course has been one of the best decisions I have made in my career. It has further strengthened my passion for filmmaking and I want to get into the field and shoot as soon as possible!"  Megha Wadhwa (2017)

"This course has fundamentally changed the way I think about the potential of film as a medium for communicating the complexities and messiness of the human condition. Although informed by anthropological theory, the course is accessible, practical and focused on producing good quality creative film content. It’s also a lot of fun."    Neil Pemberton (2017)

"Thank you! You’ve unleashed my inner filmmaker!"   Julia Tanner (
Methods@Manchester bursary 2017)

"A highly enlightening and truly insprirational course - the tutors are also natural communicators who share their extensive experience and knowledge extremely well."    Joseph McGonacle (2017)

"Today is my last day in Manchester. I had a ball! The city rocks, sizzles with life and creativity. It is the first city in Europe I have visited and immediately felt as if I fitted in, not sticking out. It is very down to earth, a little rugged on the edges and rich in cultural influences from all over the world. English here is spoken with any accent. And it has got that energy of wanting to make it. Manchester, I think I have fallen in love with you."
Pipaluk Lykke Løgstrup (2016)

"This course changed my approach to fieldwork and data collection and gave me the confidence that I can be able to do a film." Malena Müller (2016)

"What a magical leap into the act of cinedance!"  Thomas R. Pederson (2015)
"I feel I have the skills to start experimenting making a film. The best summer school I have ever attended. In fact, probably the best course I have ever attended."  Mari Korpela (2015)
"Excellent intensive compressed documentary filmmaking course."  Leo Gaiashkibos (2015)

"Loved it. Provided great insight and practice."  Ndagi Peter Majin (2015)
"The serious no-bullshit approach, always encouraging us to think as ourselves as future professional filmmakers. Patient teachers, wonderful co-participants, lots of laughter and fun - all in all a rich learning experience!"           Cora Bender (2015)

"I had aspirations to make films, in less than two weeks this course has shown me this is achievable. The best ten days I've had in a long time."  Scott Gaule, Researcher in Health & Social Change (2014)

"I can't recommend this course highly enough. It was intensive in the best possible way. I've learnt a huge amount and can't wait to get to work on making my own films. The teaching is excellent, with varied and well-paced activities and lots of opportunities for working with other participants. Great balance between theory and practice." Caroline Bithell, Senior Lecturer in Ethnomusicology, University of Manchester (2013)

"I have great praise for this short course in ethnographic filmmaking. It was an eye-opening experience that has broadened and deepened my ethnographic gaze."  Paul Stoller, Professor of Anthropology, West Chester University, author of The Taste of Ethnographic Things; The Cinematic Griot: The Ethnography of Jean Rouch (2012)

"The course enabled me to explore my research in more depth and in a new way. It was one of the best courses I ever took."  Andrea Milde, independent musician, performer and film-maker (2011)

"They can make you into a filmmaker within ten days, seriously"  Dawa T. Lepcha, award-winning filmmaker, social worker and video activist, Sikkim, India (RAI bursary 2011)

"It is a really intensive course and brilliant that you produce 3 films in two weeks. Great teachers!"  Sharon MacDonald, Professor of Cultural Anthropology, University of York. (2010)