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One Long Journey follows the adventures of Vik Pengilly-Johnson as he attempts to fulfill a lifelong dream and to escape the lonely confines of his flat in the South of England. To the dismay of his family, Vik announces on his seventieth birthday, that despite having no money, he will rebuild the broken shell of a river cruiser that he has found in a northern boatyard and then sail it home. Unable to let his father go alone, Vik's eldest son travels North with him. What ensues is a drama of impossible loves set upon English waterways, where home is lost and found.
Director: Andy Lawrence
Producers: Kieran Hanson / Andy Lawrence
Camera: Ben Cheetham / Tom Turner
Sound: Ben Cheetham / Tom Turner
Editing: Andy Lawrence
Additional editing: Ben Cheetham / Tom Turner
Sound mixing: Martin Salmonson
Graphics: Ross Phillips
Still photography: Jonathan Purcell
with Music by Walk

Andy, Tom, Kieran, Ben
Andy, Tom, Kieran, Ben