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British Born Chinese is a film about the experiences of Daniel and Kevin, two boys born to Chinese migrants and living in Manchester (UK). The film is based on the work of Dr Elena Barabantseva and it represents the way Elena has used filmmaking for fieldwork, both as a tool of exploration and expression. Made over the course of two years in experimental reflexive and participatory style, the film explores the complexity and challenges faced by the boys seeking to reconcile Britishness with Chineseness.

"‘British Born Chinese’  find space to express their opinions and thoughts. For too long such space has remained lacking in the mainstream media, which indeed also requires some reflection and rethinking in local media."
Hiu M. Chan, UK-Chinese Times 2017

Director: Andy Lawrence
Lead Researcher: Elena Barabantseva
Producers: Elena Barabantseva / Andy Lawrence
Camera: Andy Lawrence / Ben Cheetham / Tom Turner / Daniel He / Kevin But
Sound: Kieran Hanson / Ben Cheetham / Tom Turner / Daniel He / Kevin But
Editing: Kieran Hanson
Online Editing: Andy Lawrence
Film Festivals and Screenings
Premier screening: Manchester Central Library, 30 April 2015
European International Studies Association Convention, Giardini Naxos, September 2015
Ethnofest, Athens, November 2015
Bookworm Bookshop, Beijing, November 2015
Central University for Nationalities, Beijing, November 2015
LSE Literary Film Festival, London, 27 February 2016
World Film festival, Tartu, Estonia, March 2016
Chinese University of Hong Kong, 23 June 2016
School of Social and Behavioral Studies, Nanjing University, 4 July 2016
Days of Ethnographic Film festival, Moscow, September 2016
Antropofest, Prague, 27-28 January 2017
University of Aberdeen Chinese Studies Group, 21 February 2017
Echos of Antropofest 2017, Univerzity of Nitra, Slovakia, 30 March 2017