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Black Snow tells the forgotten story of the world’s biggest mining disaster of the nineteenth century, which until recently had remained relatively unremembered. The explosion at Oaks Colliery in Barnsley, South Yorkshire caused the death of at least 361 men and boys in December 1866. The film tells three interlocking stories: the story of the historical community devastated by the disaster; the story of a contemporary community, torn apart by the loss of the mining industry, and the story of Graham Ibbeson, a sculptor, who in the process of creating a statue in memory of those who died, discovers that one of his forebears, George Ibbeson, lost his life in the Oaks Colliery disaster.
A Bellebete & Filmmaking For Fieldwork production
Directed by Stephen Linstead
Camera and editing by Andy Lawrence
Sound recording by Martha-Cecilia Dietrich & Lea Vinter Sonne
Music by Jed Grimes and Rob File
Produced by Stephen Linstead & Andy Lawrence

Black Snow