Kieran Hanson (sound recording) and Andy Lawrence (camera) with Dr Elena Barabantseva as she interviews Daniel He (far left) and Kevin But for her research film British Born Chinese (2015)
F4F Film Productions use cinematic tools for policy, research and mainstream documentary making. Our team includes award-winning documentary filmmakers with broadcast industry experience. We have skills in ethnographic research and a global network of specialist knowledge through our links with anthropology. We offer broadcast content, filmmaking services, project consultation and ethnographic research. Our means of exploration and the mode of expression are both achieved through filmmaking but if necessary we write an accompanying article, statement or report. Our most recent work in this area, Horror In The Andes (2019), directed by Martha-Cecilia Dietrich, examines how filmmakers in the Peruvian highlands use narrative genre to re-imagine history in a way that supports an alternative contemporary national identity. In 2018, we were overjoyed to receive the prestigious AHRC Research Film of the Year award for our collaboration with Professor Stephen Linstead on his film Black Snow (2017), and for our efforts in establishing documentary practice as a research method. Our policy orientated work includes films on food insecurity, employment, workplace safety and poverty and it has attracted support from the Economic and Social Research Council, The Wenner-Gren Foundation and the National Union of Mineworkers. In 2014 we won the ESRC Award for Social Responsibility, for our short film The Works, about employment opportunities. Our project team are unique because they work at university research level and as professional filmmakers. For mainstream projects and cinema documentary we exist under the banner of AllRitesReversed. Recent films here include the cinema feature One Long Journey (2016) and the eagerly anticipated Half Elf (expected 2020). 
Please contact us if you would like to know how we can help you with your academic research, documentary work, films for policy-makers or personal filmmaking project.
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