Filmmaking for Organization Studies: Affect, Time and Empirical Art
by Stephen Linstead and Andy Lawrence
Journal article in press with SAGE for Organization Studies | expected 2021
In management and organization studies teaching, film is widely accepted as a valid source of knowledge or means of its dissemination. Yet film is not similarly regarded as a valid mode of research, or research output, itself. We argue that film is the consummate transdisciplinary method and as good quality equipment, including sophisticated smartphones, becomes both available and affordable it should be an important element of multimodal research. Cinematic thinking revitalizes ontological and epistemological debates in methodology and constitutes a way of doing theory non-textually – an A/R/Tography – of which film is a research product. Generating affective knowing and exploring time as duration, it produces empirical art. Applying these ideas we discuss filmmaking as three phases: pre-production, production and post-production, their practical and intellectual challenges for scholarly research, and demonstrate how these phases merged in the creation of the AHRC award-winning film Black Snow (2017). Throughout we offer hands-on guidance for future research practice.