What is project support?
Ethnographic storytelling is part of the research process as well as a means to reach cinematic expression and the craft of video editing is used in filmmaking for fieldwork as an analytic tool. The opportunities that exist in broadcast television for documentary are well defined before a film is made but a research film is in a constant state of evolution right up until the final cut. In order to select the modes of documentary and cutting techniques that best suit your work it is necessary to make the transition from video documentarist and fieldworker to editor.
With this in mind we have created a 'research hotel' to support the work of previous participants of any F4F introductory course or those undertaking a PhD with visual media and filmmakers with a developed project that includes filmed material ready for editing. We assess your individual practical, technical and theoretical requirements with a detailed questionaire that helps us to  deliver exactly the support that you require at any stage of production. 
F4F project support is available online at various times of the year. It involves one-to-one supervision meetings and webinars using Zoom or Skype along with edit viewings on Vimeo or YouTube, sometimes with a full residential of between 2-6 days offered depending on the requirements of your project (at extra cost). We develop a bespoke course for you that includes between 25-30 contact hours spread over a number of months supported by digital and printable teaching materials. It costs £1075/€1250 for concessions or £1375/€1595. A member of our team can also deliver support face-to-face or with a group at your location. Please contact us for further details or an application form.
What's included?
Our workshops and support provide guidance and hands-on assistance at any stage of production from media management through rough cutting to the final stages in editing and exporting your film. It includes preliminary web meetings and preparation using Zoom or Skype, a refresher class on F4F methodologies, hands-on tuition in media management, narrative storytelling and cutting techniques, collective screenings and intensive feedback. We can also provide help if you are developing the methodological aspects of a written statement or thesis. If you already have a locked narrative you will receive instruction in colour correction, sound editing and mixing, titling, sub-titling, exporting and distribution from F4F tutors to bring your film to professional completion.