The wonderful things people say...

"It is a really intensive course and brilliant that you produce 3 films in two weeks. Great teachers!"  Sharon MacDonald, Professor of Cultural Anthropology, University of York. (2010)
"They can make you into a filmmaker within ten days, seriously" Dawa T. Lepcha, social worker and video activist, Sikkim, India (2011)
"The course enabled me to explore my research in more depth and in a new way. It was one of the best courses I ever took."  Andrea Milde, independent musician, performer and film-maker (2011)
"I have great praise for this short course in ethnographic filmmaking. It was an eye-opening experience that has broadened and deepened my ethnographic gaze." Paul Stoller, Professor of Anthropology, West Chester University, author of The Taste of Ethnographic Things; The Cinematic Griot: The Ethnography of Jean Rouch (2012)
"I can't recommend this course highly enough. It was intensive in the best possible way. I've learnt a huge amount and can't wait to get to work on making my own films. The teaching is excellent, with varied and well-paced activities and lots of opportunities for working with other participants. Great balance between theory and practice." Caroline Bithell, Senior Lecturer in Ethnomusicology, University of Manchester (2013)
"I had aspirations to make films, in less than two weeks this course has shown me this is achievable. The best ten days I've had in a long time." Scott Gaule, Researcher in Health & Social Change (2014)
"What a magical leap into the act of cinedance!" Thomas R. Pederson (2015)
"I feel I have the skills to start experimenting making a film. The best summer school I have ever attended. In fact, probably the best course I have ever attended."  Mari Korpela (2015)
"Excellent intensive compressed documentary filmmaking course."   Leo Gaiashkibos (2015)

"Loved it. Provided great insight and practice." Ndagi Peter Majin (2015)
"The serious no-bullshit approach, always encouraging us to think as ourselves as future professional filmmakers. Patient teachers, wonderful co-participants, lots of laughter and fun - all in all a rich learning experience!"           Cora Bender (2015)
"Today is my last day in Manchester. I had a ball! The city rocks, sizzles with life and creativity. It is the first city in Europe I have visited and immediately felt as if I fitted in, not sticking out. It is very down to earth, a little rugged on the edges and rich in cultural influences from all over the world. English here is spoken with any accent. And it has got that energy of wanting to make it. Manchester, I think I have fallen in love with you."
Pipaluk Lykke Løgstrup (2016)

"This course changed my approach to fieldwork and data collection and gave me the confidence that I can be able to do a film." Malena Müller (2016)